Woody Biomass Power Generation

TOYO offers woody biomass gasification plant that converts unused forest resources such as forest thinning timbers into usable effective electricity and heat.With highly efficient power generation which has an efficiency of 30% introduced from Austria, a developed country in forestry. It can be profitable even for power plants of approximately 2 MW, which is the small biomass category of the FIT scheme where the purchase price of ¥40/kWh is applied.

Tree Type
Coniferous / Broad leaf
Not accepted
Moisture percentage
Approximately 50%

The Toyo Group has partnered with experts in Austria with experience in gasification plants in Europe, and will conduct EPC and O&M operations in advanced biomass power generation systems, with long-term stability by one-stop service from plant design to construction and maintenance. We will provide maintenance service to support the operation and management.

Wajima Biomass Power Plant


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